Campino Restaurant

Package 1

MINIMUM OF 35 PEOPLE.                                                                    

Group package includes the following:  Appetizers, salad or soup, entrée (served family style), house desserts, domestic beer, house wine, soda, water, sangria, coffee and tea.

 Appetizers:  Served  family style (All Included)

Shrimp in Garlic, Clams in Garlic, Portuguese Sausage (Chourico),  Fried Calamari, Codfish Cakes,  Shrimp Patties

Individual:   Soup   OR     Salad

MAIN COURSEServed family style (Choice of three)

FISH – Vegetarian                                                                     MEAT

Salmon Grilled or In Orange Sauce                                        Sirloin Steak in Madeira Sauce         

Fried Filet of Fish                                                                     Grilled Pork Chops               

Codfish “Gomes de Sá”                                                          Grilled Short Ribs

Chicken Cordon Blue                                                               Chicken Breast in Marsala Sauce 

 Pasta in Vodka sauce or Alfredo                                              

Eggplant Tortellini     


Side Dishes:  (Choice of three)                         

Boiled Potatoes, French Fries , Roasted Red Potatoes, Spanish Fries, Rice, Red Beans, Eggplant Tortellini

Party Hours: The time frame allotted for each event is 4 hours. All events must be scheduled to end by midnight.

►Deposits & Payments: You are paying for the number of people you agreed to. If the amount of people is more than you agreed to, you will have to pay for the difference. In order to book an event, a deposit of $300.00 is required. All payments and deposits are non-refundable under any circumstances.

►$45 per Person + 7% Tax + 18% Gratuity